CACFS (California Alliance of Child & Family Services)

What a great conference we had in Napa.  What great people.  What a great cause everyone is invested in.

Another crazy raffle.  At the Wine & Water event, CACFS holds a raffle where all of the vendors (us included) give away a prize(s) to those who participate in the vendor bingo sheet (each vendor signs the attendees raffle entry sheet with their initials on their logo to show the organizers that each individual visited their booth).  Crazily, Anna Gleason from Summitview Child & Family Services in Placerville, managed to get her name drawn for our 50″ TV giveaway by Levi for a 3rd time in conferences.  As soon as it was drawn, we both exclaimed “NO WAY”, to which the whole audience of 300+ knew it
was Anna who had won.  The odds of that happening are staggering.  Impossible really.  As a result of her luck, Anna was asked by many to go to a casino with them or buy a lottery ticket to which she
replied, “No…I’m really only good at winning TV’s”.  Anna generously gave the TV back so another
attendee could win.  United Agencies will make Anna whole another way, for sure.

The event ended Thursday afternoon.

It is always hard and warming to say good-bye.  We know we will see everybody in 6 months or sooner so that makes it easier, but the fun and useful time we spend together makes it hard to discontinue the visit with everyone.

Levi heads out to San Jose to help a client he has in their and I head to the Sacramento airport to head directly home (finally to see Lily).
We go back home to our normal lives, and prepare to follow up with all who participated in the event.

I really cannot explain how good it feels to be a part of the event and the organizations who serve our communities.

However, getting home to my girl is always the most blessed priority in my life and I just can’t wait to see her.

Super-Agent out.