The Agent Grind

Here we go…it’s getting real busy around here now.

Most of my clients insurance policies renew in the months of May, June and July, and even though that seems out a bit in early March it really isn’t.  The process began a couple of months ago to prepare for the May renewals and continues to ramp up from there as the June and July renewals come.

It’s not too exciting what takes place in the life of  an agent at this point as it is it is much like an athlete training and studying for the main event, which in my case is the selection and delivery of plans to the employees of my client.  In my case, the prep includes a lot of information gathering, digesting the data at hand, obtaining competitive quotes from alternate insurance companies and digesting their data in order to assemble a comprehensive presentation of the strategies available to the employer I serve.  the strategy part is the most interesting of the process, for sure, as it allows my creative juices to get flowing.  As Hannibal from the A-Team (an 80’s TV show for those to young to know) always said…”I love it when a plan comes together”, I get the same satisfaction when a solution is able to be found that will bring enthusiasm from my client.

The next step, which takes the most time, but has the greatest reward is the delivery of the closed deal.  The time when we get to explain to the employees what their options for benefits are and help educate and comfort them as advisers for the best solution available to them and their families.  This is the greatest reward.

Work/Life balance is hardest these next couple of months so i have to constantly prioritize it in my mind so i don’t let my life outside of work suffer too much.  It’s this time of year when the abundant amount of work responsibility can potentially affect my health, spirit and relationships in a negative way.  Caution in this area is most important.

All that said…here we go.

Super-Agent out.