We Got This!

“One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca


We just had a full, anxiously excitable day for the ages.  What were we thinking?  Invite 22 people over for dinner.  Not just people.  The people who support our income that supports each of our families.  Thankfully, they’re more than just clients.  They’ve become great friends.  That’s what we were thinking.  We had our friends over for a dinner that we planned and prepared for them.  We created an environment that cannot be duplicated in a restaurant.  We created an atmosphere of fun, visiting, and eating at leisure.  Everyone, including Levi and I, had the pleasure of really enjoying each others company for a change.  We got to catch up more intimately than we ever have had opportunity before discussing topics all over the spectrum of life.  Politics, religion, recreation, family, sports, etc., etc.,etc. – all topics that could be taboo in a group/client setting, but are totally acceptable among great friends, and that’s what we are.  We understand each others commonalities and differences and respect each of them as a part of each of our person.  I love that I get to have these kinds of relationships with the people I am fortunate to do business with.

Now, let’s talk about the food.


Levi and I spent all morning shopping for the best ingredients for our Lasagna Feast.  We went to a local Italian deli for our meats, cheeses and other culture-specific foods.  We went to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s for the rest.  What a haul we had to get ready for this party.  It was fun though to get it all together knowing what we had ahead – a hope that the food would be great and that everyone would have a fantastic evening.

Once the shopping was done, we headed home to get ready.  I’m on the lasagna & bacon-wrapped dates.  Levi’s in charge of the meat & cheese tray, salad and the garlic cheese bread.  I get right to work on the prep and assembling of my 3 lasagna’s (2 meat & 1 vegetarian) as well as setting up the bacon-wrapped dates while Levi heads to the conference for a seminar addresses things in his world of business insurance.  By the time he returns, I’ve just placed the lasagna’s in the oven.  Our party starts at 6:30, so after Levi gets his salad items together and ready, we take a breath for an hour.
The arrival of our guests is so rewarding.  It’s our club at the conference and it’s getting larger and larger each time we go.  The great thing about our CACFS Club is that all are welcome…no membership required.  Just be open to having fun.

Well, as I already said.  The evening was a blast.  A great success.  It seemed that everyone truly had as good a time as we could prepare for them to have.  I know I had fun.  Levi had fun. And after a happily exhausting evening even, our guests Uber/Lyft/Drive back to the hotel as we all have a very early start-time tomorrow morning.

Super-Agent out.